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  • CharacterISE

    Recruitment is broken.

    It is progressively breaking the very companies it serves.

    Automated systems and keyword search have reduced the work load for recruiters, but in doing so have eliminated the most suitable candidates for all but the simplest roles.

    It is not viable to return to the old trusted methods.

    Instead we must start from scratch, putting people at the very centre of the process.

    CharacterISE aims to fundamentally change the way that candidates apply for roles and how companies search for candidates.


    Not just buzzwords

    Basing recruitment solely on a set of defined skills and keywords is like treating people similarly to the apps on a phone.

    A company's most important resource are its people. They are more than an app and their selection deserves more than a scan through the app store.


    Not automotons

    Employees contribute far more to a company than their keywords.

    Does the team, the group and the entire company work by having people performing their tasks in isolation, or are they all unique individuals, each with their own characteristics, working together in productive harmony, contributing towards the company culture?


    Not prison

    Is the company the place where you have to spend your life sentence in indentured servitude?

    Hopefully not, given that we are spending more years of our longer lives within its walls.

    No, the company is where our daytime family lives. A place where we choose to spend time with a group of people in pursuit of a common goal.

  • Recruiting, a different way

    Character not keywords


    Attributes not acronyms


    Individuality not indices


    Companies are about people


    Recruitment is about people


    A CV is about history

    However both employee and employer are only interested in the future

    This is therefore where recruitment needs to instead focus

    The Job Seeker

    You as a person, not just your CV bullets.

    Together we will create your full CharacterISE profile.

    You only need to do this once and use it for any job you wish to apply for as it will have all the relevant information to match you to the role.

    Once your profile is completed, the jobs can even come to you rather than you having to search for them!

    You can be an active job seeker and have your profile matched to all relevant roles, getting a ranked list with reasons why you should be interested in the role.

    Alternatively you could be an opportunist job seeker where you are only notified when specific criteria on salary, level, location are met. For example if you are looking for a promotion, to go part time or to get out of the city.

    Or you can simply forward your profile yourself to a specific employer or for a single role.

    No more endless editing of CVs and cover letters for every role you apply to.

    Your CharacterISE profile is matched to that of the employer using a far more comprehensive method than picking up keywords, eliminating the need for you to retype all the key phrases in the job specification and explain how you match up against each.

    The CharacterISE profile is much farer than a CV, not discriminating against the young, old, disabled, gender or identity, but instead selecting against ability and fit. 

    The Company

    Finding a valuable resource not just a collection of skills. Skills can be taught. The true value of an employee does not appear on their CV.

    We will get to understand your company and what it needs in terms of recruits.

    We actually characterise your company in a similar way to how we characterise the candidates.

    We then help you to create the job specification for any given role.

    Advanced AI algorithms are then able to take the characteristics profiles that accurately describe the candidates and compare their attributes to those needed for the role.

    The result is a short list of candidates preselected on how well they will perform the role and benefit your company together with the unique additional benefits each candidate brings.

    This is similar to the type of assessment the very best recruitment professionals used to provide to the hiring manager to guide informed decision making.

    Matching CharacterISE profiles can remove the need for the very artificial interview process that often bears no relation to how the candidate will perform in the actual role.

    Instead a simple chat with the candidates is then sufficient to perform final selection based on how the recruiting manager and senior staff feel the shortlisted candidates would fit in. CharacterISE can even suggest topics of conversation based on the profile matching to maximise the benefit of the meeting for both parties. 

    As we get to know your company better, we can even predict what types of recruits you might like and send information through on matching profiles.

  • Recruitment has become derailed.

    Why do online dating apps address people as individuals, but recruitment processes still only deal with people as a string of keywords?

    Where current recruitment methods succeed

    Current automated or keyword searches works just fine when recruiting narrow vertical specialists - the people focused on a single task. You might not get the best candidate, but you will get a list of some of the good ones.

    Initial Focus

    Most roles, and increasingly in the future where many specialist or basic roles can be automated, either need or would benefit from a breadth of knowledge and experience.

    More importantly however, fundamentally different types of people suit different roles and a person with the right characteristics but not specifically relevant experience is a far better hire for a role than an unsuitable person who just happens to have some past relevant experience.

    For the roles of today and tomorrow, CV's no longer give any indication of the actual parameters that define a successful recruit.

  • Join us!

    Want to be part of improving recruitment? Help us create the future of recruitment.

    CharacterISE is currently in customer-development mode.

    We are investigating the appetite for the concept and finding people and companies to join us as founders, partners, collaborators and interested parties.

    Without you this revolution in fixing the problems with recruitment will go no further.

    Come and contribute in what ever way suits you.

    Be part of the Founding Team

    • Recruitment professionals who are aware of the problems and want to be part of the solution.
    • Psychologists, anthropologists, behaviourologists and other experts in analysing and understanding people.
    • Companies struggling to recruit successfully.
    • Recruitment agencies wanting to be differentiate their offering.
    • Tech team - software, coding, algorithm development, AI, ML, NN, DL, pattern recognition, image analysis, video analysis, sound analysis, databases.
    • Opportunities to be a co-founder.
    • Or an employee.
    • Or a consultant.

    Be one of our Advisors

    • We are in information gathering mode so please come and offer opinion or advice.
    • All your details will be held in strictest confidence and used only to assist in the formation of this idea.
    • Following a type of "lean innovation" methodology the company will not even be formed until a fully tested, validated, scalable business model has been created.
    • You can be part of the process and help to stop the damage the last couple of decades of badly implemented automation in recruitment practice has caused.
    • All opinions and thoughts welcomed.
    • Opportunities to be a board advisor.
    • Or an interested party with an opinion.
    • Or a casual observer.

    Be one of our first Customers

    • You are the most important part of it all.
    • You are employers who have realised there are issues with the quality of the recruits you bring on board and their inability to go beyond the initial job spec to help the company grow and develop successfully.
    • You are employers who are finding it increasingly difficult to find and retain employees that contribute to the company's future or become candidates for succession-planning.
    • You are existing recruitment agencies and headhunters who are ready to fix the problems that poorly implemented automation in selection has created.
    • You are individuals struggling to find employment due to being eliminated from selection at the very first selection stage.
    • Without you, this idea will go no further and never become a company.
    • You will assist us to define the problem and shape the solution.
    • The aim is to be customer funded as that way there is an extremely close link from the outset, to maximise the creation of the best solution rather than the most attractive one for an investor.
  • Come and be part of the most significant improvement in recruitment in our lifetime.

    Register interest now.

    Completely confidential.

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    Are current recruitment procedures providing companies or candidates with a good experience?

    Add your support - help make the change.

    How would you prefer to undertake the search and recruitment of your next employee?

    By wading through a huge pile of applications, or by seeing a simple heatmap analysis of all the candidates strengths?

    Applying for a new job? How would you like to do it?

    Would you like to continue filling in application forms, or would you prefer to have a chat?

    Linkedin Article about recruitment and job hunting

    And of how they have changed over recent decades and the consequences of that change.

    (Alternatively download a PDF here.)

    Treating people as people

    Rather than eliminating them based on keywords

    Fixing the critical shortage of skilled employees

    By finding them rather than filtering them out.

    If keyword filtering removes the best candidates at the first step...

    You are always only left with a selection of poor candidates to choose from.

    Your company needs people for its success, not a list of keywords

    So the very first stage of your recruitment search and selection should not be based on keywords, but on people.

    Recruiting increasingly difficult? Blame the Boolean!

    Searching for the best employees is clearly not as easy as searching for a product on your favourite shopping site. The last decade is proof of that.

  • Article describing how recruitment is truly the hardest job there is .... currently.

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